Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside

Thanks to Mother Nature, most all of America is buckling down and enduring some wicked cold weather. Texas is no exception to the cold. Now, we're not as miserable as most but 10 degrees still isn't pleasant.

Well folks out on the farm, work doesn't stop! So, we bundled up and headed out to make sure the cows were ready and prepared for the cold.

This is me with about five layers of clothes on! I was the last one dressed, unfortunately, so here is where I got stuck: 

I got stuck riding the four-wheeler! Brrr!

Our first item of business was to round up a momma cow that was about to have her baby and bring her to the barn. If her baby is born overnight, with temperatures in the single digits, lets just say his life wouldn't start out strong. 

It looks nice and warm: but the picture is quite deceiving. This is us getting the cows up so that we can sort off the one that is about to have her baby!

Next, we headed over to load up some straw and hay to bed down the soon to be momma.

My mom is cooler than your mom.

So, we loaded Athena (her grandmother, Darla, was my very first show heifer!) into the trailer and headed home to put her in a nice bedded down pen.

Mission accomplished!

But, of course we couldn't forget about our precious piglet, Tilly!

Yeah, I think she'll be warm.

Tilly is part of the family. Mom was scooping some feed for Athena and Tilly figured she'd give mom some help.

Or....maybe she just wanted some more food :)

Next, we went to check our first calf heifers.

Avie says "Whoa, it's cold outside!"

This is one a show heifer that I exhibited last summer. Sephora is so funny!

And finally some beautiful pictures I snapped as the sun went down.

Stay warm out there folks. And don't forget about all the furry friends you love so much. Cows and puppies and piglets all need some form of warmth with weather like this!

Have a great week!

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