The Life of Emily

Between livestock judging, school, and traveling, I try to shake it up by posting things that happen in my everyday life!

15 Passenger
To some, a 15 passenger van means much more than a big vehicle, it's a sweet place of memories.

The Good Shepherd
If you have a few minutes, listen to this awesome sermon about livestock and stock showing!

A Very Eligible Bachelor
Mr. EJ Lubbock 8Y. He sells February 12th, 2014 in the San Antonio All Breeds Bull Sale.

What I Learned From Livestock Judging
After attending the 2014 International Livestock Congress in Denver, Colorado, I made a few comparisons about life and livestock judging - it all relates! Right?

Flashback: Brangus Edition
This blog takes a trip back in time when my mother and aunt were exhibiting Brangus cattle. It's a grand old piece filled with 70's clothes, and moments of history brought back for public enjoyment.

Be Jealous
If you're a Texas Tech fan, or at least a football fan, who knows of our beloved football coach Kliff Kingsbury, and you want to be a teensy bit jealous, go ahead and read this blog.

Positive Thinking
The day before the American Royal livestock judging contest - and how positive thinking makes all the difference.

The 38th Floor
The day after the State Fair of Texas livestock judging contest, and how winning isn't everything.

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