Ag Facts

All to often, anti-meat activist groups can misrepresent the agriculture industry in a negative light. Here are a few blog posts about agriculture industry facts, and a farm girl's perspective about day-to-day agriculture life.

A Real Life Farmer?
This blog discusses the women of agriculture - and our diversity to be awesome.

What Does A Farmer Look Like?
Overalls and plaid and straw, oh my! But, is that what a farmer looks like today?

Thank A Farmer
Celebrate National Ag Day by thanking a farmer

What Do Cows Eat?
Cows eat healthy just like humans! Nutritionists plan a perfect diet for cows.

A Risky Business Worth Every Lost Penny
What goes into farming? Is it as easy as it seems?

The Life of a Dairy Cow
What do normal dairy cows do every day? What about during their lifetime?

God Bless This Family Farm
What I have learned about talking to people

To the Man Who Knows Me Better Than I Know Me
My blog post about standing up to PETA

The "Udder" Side of the Story
What is a factory farm? What is a family farm? 

What Kind of Love?
How can you eat the same animal you raised? It's a tough question. Check out this blog to see my perspective on how I can love cows....and steak.

Don't Cage the King
How about a peep into my political fire? An oh-so-spicy blog about the 2013 Farm Bill's King Amendment - what does it really mean?

Baby it's Cold Outside
Time to batten down the hatches! It's chilly in central Texas. See what our family does to protect our herd from cold temperatures.

Feed the World?
How about a "new" idea to feed billions of people? Or not!

Christmas is for Saving Lives
Ever wonder what happens to baby calves after they are born? Check out this blog that shows step-by-step pictures of newborn Christmas baby calves.

The Beginning: PETA Corrections
Sometimes anti-meat activist groups present false statements to the American public - this blog addresses how sheep are shorn of their wool.

USDA Inspected?
Is all meat USDA inspected? How does it work? Visit this blog for some information.

National Food Day
Farmers celebrate National Food Day! Check out how.

A Prayer For South Dakota
Farmers can't predict the weather. This blog explains the great tragedy that hit South Dakota in the form of snow, and how prayer is the most powerful battle tool.

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