Wednesday, February 19, 2014

God Bless This Family Farm

I thought it would be a good idea to put my weeks’ worth of learning into a blog post.  But, then, I decided it was actually not much different than the “education” I have received my whole life: from my family and our values, from my experience on the farm, and from my education.

First, thank you to everyone who has read my most recent blog post.  I appreciate the overwhelming support.  As you may know, I tried to host a tour on our farm for three young men representing PETA2, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out.  Like most people, full time students have difficult schedules.

Now, for the things I learned this week:

1.      Standing on science is important to me, always has been, and always will be.
Opinions are opinions.  Science is science.  I will choose science.  After all, I’m a college student studying Animal “Science.”  

2.      Humbleness
My parents have always taught me to be humble.  I think this includes having and showing respect for others.  I can respect another way of thinking, and I ask for respect for my values in return.  

3.      People are yearning for knowledge
The simple truth is most people don’t know a farmer.  That’s where I can help.  I’m a farmer.  I know about farming.  While we come from very different perspectives and fundamentally disagree about animals being raised for food; if this experience has taught me anything it is that I'm meant to help connect consumers to agriculture.  I'm proud of what I do and will talk to anyone about farming.

I'd like to close with the Texas Tech motto: "Strive for Honor in the Pursuit of Excellence." I am proud to represent an industry that exemplifies honor, integrity and passion. America's dairy farmers are committed to providing safe, high-quality milk and dairy products. Our commitment extends far beyond our respect for cows and the environment; our passion is fueled by the ambition to feed America. God bless our family farm, and God bless each and every American farmer and rancher.


  1. Well said, Emily! You are a wonderful contributor to world of agriculture.

  2. No Farmers, NO Food! Go gal GO!!