Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank A Farmer

 These babies were stoked to hear that it is "National Ag Day"!!

Today, as the day winds down they are thanking a farmer for the nutritious feed they receive every day, and the continual care they get year round.

Little guys like this guy don't know the difference between Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Sundays, or any other "normal" day. All they know is that they need attention each day, every day.

So today, as you rinse your dishes and fold your laundry, thank a farmer. Thank a farmer for the milk in your glass, the wheat in your bread, and the cotton in your clothes. Thank a farmer for the early mornings spent providing health care to young calves. Thank a farmer for the Thanksgiving meal missed, spent in the pasture instead. Thank a farmer for staying home every holiday, because cows are family that require a lot more attention. And finally, thank a farmer for providing the safest, most affordable, most abundant food supply in the world.

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