Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just Call Me Wonder Woman

I'm sure growing up, everyone learned about the 5 main food groups: vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, and dairy. 

Well tonight I've accomplished a feat that basically should escalate me straight to the top of the "wonder woman" search list. I managed to get all 5 food groups in ONE meal!

Now, for the main meal, unlike every other food blog, I can not give you the recipe to this marvelous dish.

You see, it's a secret family recipe. I begged and begged my mother and Grammy to give me the recipe to Slum Gullen but no one would ever give it to me - the only way to know is to watch it being made. So, essentially, I'm extended the same generosity to you all :)

Over the years however I've come to believe that story to be a big fib! I'm now 90% certain they made it different every time. But you better believe I still make it exactly like the last time my mom made it and I figured out what she put in it!

Anyway, I've come to believe Slum Gullen as just a recipe you make when you want to get rid of random things in your pantry. Throw in ground beef, pasta and whatever veggies you want, then top with cheese. Maybe it's the fantasy that the recipe is forbidden to the broader public, or maybe it really is as tastey as I think it is - but personally it's one of my favorite meals!

I topped with cheese so all my ingredients are hidden!

So that plows out 4 of the 5 food groups, plus I served with cheesy broccoli - which is totally healthy....I think....

Then for the final food group - fruits, we had strawberry shortcake. The boy loved it! 

Originally I was going to give the sweet boy an award for bringing me my favorite drink ever - peach tea....

But then he attacked me with the whipped cream....and took pictures while doing so! So I took the award away!

Ok that's all from your new Wonder Woman! Have a great day!

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