Friday, August 1, 2014

Farm Fact Friday ~ Boy or Girl ~ Sheep

Alright! Time to continue our Farm Fact Friday naming system with the next species: sheep.

As I mentioned before, like cats (feline) and dogs (canine), farm animals have specific/proper names as well: sheep are considered: ovine.

Alright, so when born, babies are called: lambs.

Babies will be divided into two groups, obviously, the females are called ewe lambs.
Note: ewe is pronounced "you", it's confusing, I know.

They will stay ewes all of their life, even when they have a baby, only they will just be called "ewes" instead of "ewe lambs".

The male sheep however are called ram lambs.

They will be rams all of their life, even when they are older. Sometimes rams are also called bucks.

Only if they are castrated will their 'title' change, they will then become: a wether.

Sheep are pretty simple, definitely the easiest to remember! Have a wonderful weekend.

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