Monday, November 4, 2013

Be Jealous

If jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins, and you do not want to commit a deadly sin, please do not read this blog.

All right, if you're still reading, you're a rebel, way to go.

So, this weekend, after realizing that livestock judging is basically the best thing ever, our football coach, ehemm, Kliff Kingsbury (that's right ladies, the Ryan Gosling look-a-like that stands heroically on the Texas Tech sidelines during our football games) invited us to a pre-Louisville pep talk.

Our team (and the meats judging team) got a tour of the Football Training Center, then got a pep talk by THE Kliff Kingsbury himself, and also received a complimentary Texas Tech Football under armour t-shirt. Let's go ahead and establish Texas Tech is the best school ever.

You know, just the TTU All-American hallway.

The different uniforms that will be worn by our valiant athletic stars this season.    

Kliff Kingsbury's helmet on the Pro-Football wall of TTU players that became BIG TIME!

Kliff doing his football thing

Our judging team in front of the Pro wall. There's a reason we are positioned here. We're destined for greatness too of course.
Now that I have everyone jealous, and now wanting to be a member of the Texas Tech livestock judging team, have a wonderful Monday! May your mornings be bright, your football team #winning, and all your sins forgiven. Amen!

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