Thursday, October 24, 2013

National Food Day

Today, Thursday, October 24 is celebrated as National Food Day! The glorious part? Every one of you are celebrating a national holiday, and you didn't even know it. Go you!

National Food Day is a product of Animal Agriculture Alliance's "Real Food Real Farmers" campaign. And here is where we are all the same - whether we are agriculturalists, consumers, red meat lovers or vegetarians - it's a celebrated day of ALL food, which is ALL produced by farmers.

Today, I encourage all agriculturalists to get out and spread the word, to help celebrate Food Day, in any way you can. Here is an example of what we are doing in west Texas. As an agvocacy effort, Texas Tech Block and Bridle club is going to Market Street (in Lubbock - come on out if you're around) to hand out food samples, and discuss with consumers where their food comes from.

This is an example of the steak my teammate Kevin will be cooking us all tonight!

We are very excited to get one-on-one contact with the consumers who love food just like we do!

Get up....get out....go share your passion for agriculture!

Have a food-filled, passion for agriculture shining bright, wonderful day today!

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