Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sweet Sunday: Psalms 145:9

"The Lord is good to all."
-Psalms 145:9

Good afternoon friends! The Sunday verse comes from the book of Psalms - and what a riveting verse it really is. Our pastor this morning at Aldersgate Church read this verse and inspired the congregation to stand up and begin to tell their story about their Christian journey, so this Sweet Sunday blog is dedicated to a glimpse of my journey the past 4 years.

Before moving on, I want to promise everyone this will be one of the final blogs I will post about livestock judging. Why? Well, I need to get on with my "Farm Girl's Fight" for agriculture, and also, because livestock judging is officially over. That's right, last Tuesday the awards were announced, the title was given, teams were happy, teams were sad, but in the end, everyone loaded up, caught a flight home and moved on with their lives.

So, in case you didn't know, the Texas Tech Red Raiders were unable to grasp the National Championship (contrary to prior the Texas Tech Daily Newspaper....oops!). 

It was a misprint....they simply forgot the word "Reserve" big deal.

We actually ended up second behind Texas A&M. Now, at the banquet, I will confess, it was not easy seeing the Bronze Bull in the hands of another team - and for everyone except Texas A&M (and my teammate Lane Halfmann who was high individual - way to go Lane!), it shouldn't be the happiest moment ever - after all, we're all competitors right? Well, after coming home, reflecting back on my years of judging and thinking about how God is always good, it got me thinking about everything the Lord has done for me.

It all started in 2008, our 4-H team attended the Texas State 4-H livestock judging contest. It was my first time to attend State and I didn't do too hot! But, I do remember the one person that did do good. That person became my role model for the next year, and later became my coach, thanks for everything Brady. So, after State, I prepared all year for the next State contest. I specifically remember (I'll probably never forget) getting down on my knees and praying the night before the State contest "Lord, if you want me to judge collegiate, open the door tomorrow." Well, the next day I was high individual at the 2009 State contest. Alright Lord, I got the hint - thanks! Don't we wish He made every decision that clear?!

So, I made the decision to attend Butler Community College in Kansas and met some AMAZING people, cherished my time with the team and grew closer than ever to the Lord, thanks to some God-fearing roommates that are still my best friends today.

Flowers from my Butler roommate the morning of my last contest! Golly she's a keeper!

Now, here's the juicy part. So, growing up an hour and a half from Texas A&M, I was hell-bent and dead set on becoming an Aggie my whole life. Check out my closet full of aggie clothes and oh - my dog named Aggie, in case you need clarification. But, in January 2012, the Lord started working on my heart. At Denver, I contacted the head coach at Texas Tech, to this day I seriously have no idea why, that was totally a God thing. I made the trip to Lubbock in February, and prayed non-stop the whole drive down, and week surrounding my TTU visit. For some reason, my heart felt led to Texas Tech, I knew the Lord was calling me to Lubbock, so, I committed. Confession: committing to Tech was originally against my own will. Yep, no lie. I still wanted to be an Aggie. I knew nothing about Texas Tech, except the wind and dust (which graciously blanketed me during my visit, only making it that much more memorable). But, I knew the Lord had something special planned, so I followed His direction.

My fantastic parents who DROVE from Texas to Louisville. They're wonderful.

I told myself, well, Texas Tech has a record of winning National Championships in livestock judging (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011) maybe this school will be alright. Upon coming here, however, my vision and perception of this place was drastically changed. I cannot begin to express how covered in Christian passion our Animal Science department at Texas Tech truly is. We have the very best coaches and advisors and supporters that give as much religious advice as they do academic. Which, is needed 110% of the time. The more time I spend in Lubbock, the more I grow in love towards the people, atmosphere, and school.

Nick and I receiving 9th and 10th high individuals. This silly boy was high individual at Fort Worth and Houston!!

Isn't it funny how God works. I came to Lubbock, defying my lifelong Aggie dream, thinking I would be a part of a National Champion team. In the end, it ended up being the reverse. But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way. This statement is by no means degrading to A&M. They have a wonderful school, a great program, and they won Louisville fair and square, they flat  had a good day, therefore, they won.

Having only attending one school, I can't speak for the others. But, I can speak for mine. I have been so blessed by the Lord to be a part of the team that stood second at Louisville 2013. Our team prayed before and after every single contest, we read scripture in the van, and took time to pray silently on our own on the road trips when we needed it the most.

Two of the most influential men in my life - who taught me so much more than hogs, sheep and cattle.

"The Lord is good to all." The Lord was good to me. I am forever grateful that I followed the Lord's will and attended Texas Tech. To do it again I'd come here a thousand times over and over to be blessed with a team that only won two contests, but won my heart in every way.

The Lord is good to all. And dang He proves it each and every day if we take the opportunity to open our eyes and see the goodness He has surrounded us with.

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