Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Beginning: PETA Corrections

Well, it's time for me to begin my series on setting the record straight. Mainly, I'm here to tell agriculture's side of the story. There are plenty - and I mean plenty - of anti-meat activists groups that make me madder than a hornet. People that misinform American's, but mainly people that bash on the agriculture industry, deserve to be set straight. Now, being the southern, Texas woman I am, I will try to refrain myself from "bashing" on anti-meat activist groups, unlike their views - which let loose like a wrecking ball, misperceiving, and fabricating agriculture's story.

So, I'm about to share my story, and how this all got started. For all you agriculturalists out there, I highly encourage you to "friend" PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) on Facebook, if not solely to keep up with their shenanigans, it really shows their true colors.

You see folks, despite their mischievous and misperceiving titles - PETA and HSUS do NOT help animals. An expense report to the state of Virginia in 2010 showed that of PETAs $88 million budget, only 1% was spent on animal shelters, the rest was spent on advertising, fundraising and events. (I can send you the link if you'd like, I'm posting this blog on the road and don't currently have it with me. You can visit "Humane Watch" on Facebook for the link). As far as HSUS, there IS A DIFFERENCE in HSUS and your local Humane Shelter. Most local Humane Shelters are in no way associated with HSUS and function on a care/love for animals. HSUS, however, is the dirtiest, slimiest snake you'll ever find. Their purpose is to shut down agriculture and end production of all meat animals. Check out "Humane Watch" on Facebook to keep up with all the dirty tricks HSUS is pulling.

I guess if you're calling a spade a spade, I am a person that stands for the ethical treatment of animals. I am a person who wishes humane treatment on animals. But, I am a person that does not associate with organizations that publicize false and misleading statements.

So, on to my main point. I mentioned following PETA on Facebook, and in all reality, that is the reason my blog got started, with this Facebook post:

Fact: the wool industry causes no harm nor death to animals. How then can PETA criticize it? It's PETA. In this post, PETA mentioned horrible things, which I am not going to repeat (why spread that again?), as to how sheep were shorn for their wool. 

In which, my response was this:  

I was rather irate at this point. I got approximately 60 people that responded solely to my post. Some were good (if you notice, I have 40 likes on my comment! Go farmers!), but most were people cursing and saying awful things to me! I even got my own hash tag: #emilylies. The hash tag was working about a week after this happened, now, if you google it, it doesn't work anymore! 

But, no worries, I screen shot some of my favorite responses. Now, most of them I had to edit out for graphic content, these were appropriate. 

Pat, yes, I do work on a farm. And yes, I do love it. But, contrary to what PETA explains, I do not torture my animals. In fact, they get more love and attention than I do most of the time!

This is our mini pig, Tilly, getting some Christmas loving! She's spoiled rotten.....!

For the next comment:

Here is where my hash tag began. Now, I am not going to speculate as to if Heather grew up on a farm or not. But, here's what I know: 

Fact: I grew up on a farm.
Fact: sheep are shorn of their wool. It grows back. It is shorn again.
Fact: sheep survive the experience year after year. 

I'll post pictures some time next week of a real sheep-shearing experience.

Ok, whew, if you've made it to this point, you really like reading! Thanks for tagging along for my info session. 

And look forward to more blog posts like this one in the future! I promise to blog more frequently than I have in the past week - I know I've been awful about it.

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend friends! 

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  1. Some people are sure blind to the truth hey...Shorn sheep is torture???? What the hell...I better not ever cut my hair or get a haircut ever again it is torture...get a grip people.