Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Does A Farmer Look Like?

I'm sure everyone has heard the saying "any publicity is good publicity." Well, I personally disagree when it comes to the agriculture industry.

For any agriculturalist that has seen the new "" commercial on television, I'm sure you'll agree with me. The commercial includes three farmers in overalls, with straw in their mouths, barely any teeth, and acting absolutely surprised at the function of a computer.

Honestly, I think the majority of America views farmers and ranchers as "old time" and "outdated". Yet, that's actually the opposite. In order to keep up with a growing population and growing food demand, farmers must use technology to keep progressing their operations and feeding the world.

Today, 94% of farmers have a cell phone, while half of American farmers have a smartphone, such as andriod or iPhone.  From personal experience, my dad is always on his cell phone, checking market prices, commodity changes, or making calls to keep our dairy in business.

Computers are also on the rise, in August 2013, 70% of American farmers had a computer or lap top. On our farm, we use a computer to keep farm records like: when a cow calves, how much milk she produces, and other needed information.
Fun fact: cotton farmers support the most computer usage per industry.

Although it doesn't apply directly to cows, tractors for farming are filled with technology to help keep yields high and efficiency at a maximum. Here is a picture of a "mini computer" that counts the number of hay bales produced per pasture, and how much the pasture yields each year! Our hay baling tractors have their own mini-computers that stay in them all year round.

Ever wonder about your milk? Even our milk tank has it's own data system to make sure the milk is ALWAYS at the right temperature and fresh at all times.

And finally, check out this picture of my dad and two of his brothers, all dairy farmers! They have all their teeth, own cell phones, and even wear khakis at times.

Farmers are normal people with an extraordinary passion for livestock.

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